Other Shadetree Keys sites


  • The Rhodes Super Site
    Information about the history of the Rhodes piano including details of each of the various models that have existed. Also a good source for old manuals and schematics.
  • The Electric Piano Forum
    An active forum dedicated mainly to Rhodes and Wurlitzer pianos.
  • Screw Sizes
    A list of the sizes and types of most of the screws used in a Rhodes Stage Piano.
  • Models
    I’ve modeled a few parts using the free program Google Trimble SketchUp. These can be consulted when reasonably accurate measurements are needed for repair jobs or replacement parts.
  • Wiring Diagrams

Suppliers (U.S.)

  • Fastenal
    Suitable replacements for most screws and fasteners found on a Rhodes.
  • Retro Linear
    Tone Bar mounting screw, isolation grommet and washer kits.
  • Erwin’s Piano Restoration Inc.
    I like their teflon cauls for key bushing replacement jobs.
  • Vanda King’s Piano Showcase
    Many parts of the action on a wooden-key Rhodes are the same as those used on acoustic pianos. Replacement keytops, guide pins and a variety of felt sizes and thicknesses are available.
  • Vintage Vibe
    The broadest selection of aftermarket replica parts. They also sell some original parts when available. Their YouTube channel is a tremendous source of information on all sorts of Rhodes repair and maintenance jobs.

Suppliers (Europe)

  • Electric Keys
    Suppliers of Rhodes parts outside the U.S. are unfortunately few and far between. Electric Keys primarily offers stock imported directly from Vintage Vibe providing proven parts to European players without the hassles and costs of shipping overseas.