1977 Seventy Three Mk I (608769)

1977 Seventy Three Mk I (608769)While working on another Seventy Three, I encountered several balance rail guide pins that were rusty. I don’t know of a source for replacement pins but luckily the remains of a cannibalized piano had recently appeared on ebay. Among the few parts left of the stripped piano were a full set of guide pins.

According to the seller, this piano was once used on tour by the band Gentle Giant. His story is corroborated by the word “GIANT” stenciled on the Tolex. By the time I got to it, the parts that are readily salable on ebay had already been removed so I was able to purchase it at a reasonable price.

Included with my purchase was

  • a lower half of a cabinet
  • a key frame with guide pins
  • two aluminum harp supports
  • a harp frame
  • a set of empty pickup and tone bar rails
  • a damper rail
  • an aluminum action rail

Until they’re needed, the extra parts will adorn the walls of my shop.

Costs associated with this piano

1977 Seventy Three Mk I

1977 Seventy Three Mk I